Old toilet almost calf's Water-loo

A YOUNG male calf caused concern among Bringelly residents when it got its head stuck inside a discarded fibreglass toilet.

The positioning of the toilet restricted its ability to eat and drink.

The calf, whose age and breed have not yet been determined, was said by residents to have been sent into a panic.

After failed attempts to free the calf the RSPCA was called, and NSW inspector Donna Morgan eventually removed the item.

She said the toilet was first reported on the calf's head on Thursday afternoon, but the RSPCA was only notified on Saturday of the emergency.

"We believe that the toilet was left outside as rubbish and that the calf became stuck in the bowl by trying to eat the grass which had grown up through it," she said.

"This is definitely one of the most peculiar situations that I have seen an animal trapped in."

RSPCA officers had to tranquilise the calf before delicately removing the toilet bowl with a saw.

Ms Morgan said the calf had suffered a small amount of irritation from the bowl rubbing on its neck but was expected to make a full recovery.

She said the incident was a prime example of why it was so important to keep paddocks clear of potentially lethal rubbish and debris to ensure animals did not become entangled in them.

"Check your stock animals each day to ensure that they are healthy, alert and have sufficient food and water," she said.

"Where an animal may be in danger of injury or harm we advise the public to call the RSPCA."

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